Beyond the Human Race

The problem with the idea of posthumanity is that the thing it is supposed to be beyond, “humanness,” is an imagined community to begin with. So why imagine posthumanity at all? There will certainly be identities that unite and divide us in the future, and some of them may revolve around the technologies we use … Continue lendo


If we part the mystical veils and look at planet Earth, what do we see right now? We’re approaching the end of a cycle of time. The Patriarchy’s profit-before-people system is breaking down. Humanity’s 5,000-year schooling in power, abuse of power, and masculine/feminine imbalance is nearing an end. Something new is rising: a wave of … Continue lendo

Reinvent Yourself (or die)

If you are using Safari and the embedded viewer is not loading you can download this manifesto and open it manually. via via @venessamiemis (e eu escrevi um post que se chamava: publicitários, reinventem a si mesmos. agora, sou eu que estou reinventando a mim mesma)

massimo di felice > pós-humano /in portuguese

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Who Am I? Identity in the Post-Branding Era | HPC

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