design thinking: the re-think >… core 77

core 77 – via @futurescape “There’s something odd going on when business and political leaders flatter design with potentially holding the key to such big and pressing problems, and the design community looks the other way.” “Innovation came to be reduced to creativity—and the idea that scientists and technologists are themselves creative was completely lost.” … Continue lendo

‘Green Gone Wrong’ – Can Capitalism Save the Planet? – NYTimes

USA Today wrote glowingly about Wal-Mart’s push to sell environmentally friendly light bulbs. Fortune gushed that Goldman Sachs, Continental Airlines and DuPont had jumped on the ecological bandwagon. The global economic collapse pushed the rise of green capitalism off business magazine covers, but it will surely resurface. After all, Wal-Mart and G.E. are still pushing … Continue lendo

Future is no longer what it had been. Present is no longer what it had been.

via The speed of our times is accelerating, day by day the rhythm grows faster. We are doing more and more things at the same time. Our digitalized lives are virtually (social-)networked. Digital technologies and information last only for very short time. A computer is outdated within less than 5 years time, news are … Continue lendo

Pela Democracia Líquida: Um Manifesto

Pela Democracia Líquida: Um Manifesto por renata lemos 1. O século 21 desponta em um contexto de contrastes extremos. Se, por um lado, as conquistas recentes do estado da arte tecnológico expandem as fronteiras do ser humano através da biotecnologia e da manipulação genética, e a sofisticação das plataformas digitais gera redes sociais móveis de … Continue lendo

as redes sociais podem mudar o mundo sim.

    ontem fui assistir @lucianopalma na Social Media Week SP. ele disse que as mídias sociais não mudam o mundo, mas apenas a forma como nos comunicamos. mais uma vez, dentre muitas outras abordagens das redes sociais, o foco foi o entendimento das mídias sociais como ferramentas, como se pudessem ser separadas das redes, … Continue lendo

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win

– As Gandhi said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." When even Microsoft is releasing Open Source code, you know that you're somewhere between the fight and win stages – james turner


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