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core 77 – via @futurescape

“There’s something odd going on when business and political leaders flatter design with potentially holding the key to such big and pressing problems, and the design community looks the other way.”

“Innovation came to be reduced to creativity—and the idea that scientists and technologists are themselves creative was completely lost.”

Rise of design thinking

The notion of design thinking, which began to be discussed in design circles in the mid-noughties, marked a high water mark of design euphoria. First, Roger Martin inspired it. His concept, ‘Integrative Thinking,’ suggested that the best leaders integrate left-brain, analytical thinking with right-brain intuition. Then, design thinking was brought to life in stories about IDEO’s T-shaped designers by Tim Brown, the consultancy’s CEO and president. Brown triumphed at the Global Economic Forum in Davos in 2006. After that, the then assistant managing editor of Business Week, a design buff named Bruce Nussbaum, rallied for the cause.


p.s. { my take: very good conference review from core 77, and yes – nussbaum is indeed as buff as it gets – so is design thinking }




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