Future is no longer what it had been. Present is no longer what it had been.

The speed of our times is accelerating, day by day the rhythm grows faster. We are doing more and more things at the same time. Our digitalized lives are virtually (social-)networked. Digital technologies and information last only for very short time. A computer is outdated within less than 5 years time, news are updated in a 5 second frequency and thus outdated within a couple of hours. Thanks to micro-blogs, messages get shorter and shorter, provide us with life search to keep up with the pace.

The huge amount of digital data processed per day makes it difficult to keep track of them. This also occurs to digital art projects, whose creators or buyers stand before the problem on how to archive them in a reliable way. Everything we do and use is more temporary than ever before. The present seems to get shorter and shorter. To be able to project towards the future, we’d need to be able to define presence more thoroughly. To know what the present is. BUT: The importance of thinking of the future helps us to give meaning to the present. A viscous circle then?

Contemporary visions and imagination of future have a big identity problem.

Future is no longer what it had been. Present is no longer what it had been. And the present is not yesterday’s future… tm10 (Transmediale Festival 10, 2 – 7 February 2010) was dedicated to this contemporary identity crisis of the future. With its great varieties of installations, performances, conferences, workshops , etc., we had wonderful, very versatile and contrary discussions and approaches, not so much to tackle the problem of the future’s identity crisis, but to name it and think about it, to raise new questions, to explore solutions for not being part of a disappearing past.

at: http://karlakracht.com/blog/festival/invisibility-of-the-present-transmediale-2010/

via @transmediale


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