b.a.n.g lab + technontology

nice: one of my articles – about technontology & hybrid interfaces – is now posted at b.a.n.g. lab http://bit.ly/8MW3uj– obrigada, @vmkern

Abstract: NBIC (nano-bio-info-cogno) applications enable hybrid cognitive interfaces between matter and mind. These hybrid interfaces between human and artificial intelligence are also found in cyberspace. These new developments, together with recent advances in quantum computational physics, challenge traditional philosophical ontology. The nature of being in relation to reality seems to be transformed. New ontologies, technologically based, appear. We call them technontologies. Pan-communicationalism is the most important technontology, evolving around the concepts of ubiquitous information, universal semiosis and a universal quantum computational matrix. Being seems to be, in this context, meaning in modulation.





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